“I have been getting regular readings from Tom since 2001. Whenever I’m feeling lost, confused, or overwhelmed, I know I can count on him to help me through. I notice his accuracy to be rather high compared to other readings I’ve had, and he’s really easy to talk to. Sometimes he says something and I think ‘boy, this guy’s off’, but then it ends up happening exactly like he said it would, and I have to eat crow. lol. I guess that’s why I go to him, because he’s the best!” -Brian.

“Thank you for the reading. It’s not the answer I expected but it’s the answer I need to hear. Thank you for the guidance.” -Caroline.

“Great! Thank you very much! :)” -Mario.

“Thank you for the reading! It gave me hope and disappointed me at the same time, as summer 2015 will be too late. :( I’ve been unemployed since October (and actively seeking work) and I have exactly one month’s worth of expenses left before I’m homeless. I appreciate your reading.”-Darnebe.

“Thanks that was fast and accurate!” -Jcb4gs11.

“Thank you for your insights” -Markreed987 

“Outstanding experience! Even mentioned something that has been a problem (without me telling him about it). Real deal. Thank you!”-Joshuasra

“Outstanding experience!”-Joshuasra

“Interesting. Thank you. We’ll see what happens here. Bless you and best regards!”-Kimberz65 

“Thank you very much!”-Skateboardp

“Very accurate! Thank you !”-Kostas66

“ya know…I just met someone tonight…OMG! Everything you said was right-on target..”-Tutormusicart

“Beautiful reading. Really resonated with me! Outstanding experience.”-Joshuasra

“Wonderful!  Thank you!  I highly recommend!”-Roxanna_2007

“Psychic Tom is so accurate, he is the real deal, you will be happy to order from him”-Roxanna_2007

“Outstanding experience!  Very kind and accurate!  Thank you!”-Roxanna_2007

“Your awesome thank you!”-Lyricselah

“Good experience”-Purskarma28

“Insightful !!  Thank you.”-Lyricselah

“Excellent!  Real deal.  Much blessings to u.”-Lyricselah

“Excellent as usual :)”-Lyricselah

“Thank you for your help”-Lyricselah

“Wonderful reading.  God bless you!”-Bellimbusto

“Outstanding Experience”-Davidtaanu